My Top 3 Favourite FREE Accounting Software

Believe it or not, the local young entrepreneurs are getting more financial savvy compare to past generation. They want to know what’s going on with their business (although they know nothing or little about bookkeeping or accounting), more importantly they understand the importance of planning which needs lots financial information to justify.


Don’t take my word for it, just walk into any cafe operated by the millennial and observe most of them are using Point-of-Sale to take control of the revenue. The next thing they will search more information on Google with hope to find out tools that can better manage for the finance……that’s accounting software!


With the advancement of technology, many accounting software is developed for non-accountant in mind. In my experience, I have come across clients with a full set accounts completed with over 90% accuracy and they know nothing about accounting! Think again, user can build a nice e-Commerce website without or little help from web designer, what about accounting!


Are you ready?

Let me introduce my top 3 favourite FREE accounting software and they share these common areas :

  • There are NOT a trial version and offer unlimited transactions (there is free lunch in this world actually);

  • You can use full features available;

  • Can it be used for Malaysia GST-registered business? I’m not sure yet because I haven’t had time to test it, I would say it’s good for non-GST registered business only at the moment !



This is my very first accounting software I started. After sign up, user will be given a personal finance account by default and can create multiple business accounts later on.

Friendly to use but only limitation is the web loading experience is extremely slow! Will you complain but on the other hand  it’s FREE……quite conflicting ?   



I came across this mid last year and the office is located in Vancouver, Canada, since August 2015. I recall they used to offer free and paid versions, but somehow it becomes free recently.

User friendly and seamless, the slow loading issue doesn’t have it in Slickpie, I have no complain and recommended to use!



This is the latest free accounting software I came across recently, it doesn’t mean this was developed recently, actually this started since 2010 and their office is located in Ireland.

User friendly and seamless, another recommended software. One of great features I like is user can build a very nice invoice design. The founders seem very ambitious, it is developed to compete the top brand cloud accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Freshbooks……etc, can they take over, have to wait and see!


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